2017: Where Will YOU Travel?video

2017: Where Will YOU Travel?

A new year means new adventures and 10 days of paid vacation, so use it! Here are four U.S. city travel suggestions for 2017!
Christmas Traditions Around the Worldvideo

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Check out how people celebrate Christmas all around the world!

440-Year-Old Christmas Market in France

This Christmas market in Strasbourg, France is more than 440 years old!
5 Cities For the Best Chance of a White Christmasvideo

5 Cities For the Best Chance of a White Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Today on Travel Chat, we're listing off five cities that have the best chance of getting snow on Christmas day!
Thanksgiving around the worldvideo

Thanksgiving around the world

Travel Chat: Thanksgiving-style celebrations for all over the world, from Canada to Japan, Germany, Libera and South Korea.
Thanksgiving Vacation Destinationsvideo

Thanksgiving Vacation Destinations

Planning a trip for Thanksgiving? Away.com discusses their favorite cities to celebrate Thanksgiving in.

Tips to survive the layover from hell

Nobody wants to be stuck in airport limbo, but sometimes there is no escaping from it. Here are some tips to make those hours feel like they...

How Much Does it Cost: St. Petersburg

An easy price guide for everything from hotel stays to a refreshing beer. Travelers can plan their budget before traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Celebrity Favorite Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Travel Therapy TV - Looking like something out of a magical movie set the Mandarin Oriental in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a celebrity Travel Therapy favorite for...

Postcards from Japan: The sacred Ise-Jingu Shrine

Our postcard this week comes to you from one of Japan’s most sacred places, the Ise-Jingu Shrine. Key facts about Japan: It is an island...