How to Avoid Overspending on Vacation


Planning a vacation can be expensive, and we often forget about all the extra costs once we arrive at our destination. To stay on track with your budget, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for enjoying a great vacation without breaking the bank.

Create a Budget

When going on vacation, it can be easy to overindulge, and sometimes our plan to “not spend a lot of money” can go right out the window when vacation time rolls around. To prevent this from happening, set a budget you are comfortable with and put that money into an account to avoid dipping into money you might not have saved.

Create an Itinerary

Having an itinerary can help you be intentional about how much you’re spending, while also ensuring that you are spending your time the way you had hoped. Having a plan doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your vacation. If expensive excursions and fancy dinners are part of your plan, then you’ve already planned ahead, and these luxuries should have already been budgeted for.

Skip the Souvenirs

We are all guilty of buying mugs or trinkets that we will never use again once we get back home. Everyone wants us to “bring something back,” but once we return to reality, how much of these things do we actually use? Set a standard for what you really want to purchase on vacation and try to come back with only the things you truly love.

Yolo – But on a Budget

It’s easy to reach our vacation destination and forget the budget pep talk we gave ourselves before arriving. Although “you only live once” is something we should all live by, sometimes we can have some regrets when we come back and see our credit card statement and realize we should have stuck with our budget. If you’re someone who likes to make spur-of-the-moment decisions, maybe add a little extra money to your budget before heading on your trip.