Tips for Adult Acne Care


Best Practices for Adult Acne Care

Midlife Crisis: Adult Acne

You dream of looking young forever but a resurgence of teen-like acne is not what you had in mind. The best practices for adult acne include new products and treatments that are more effective than ever in eradicating the dreaded red.

1. See your dermatologist to determine the cause of your acne (including stress, hormones and certain medications) and the best course of action.
2. Wash your face twice a day with cool or warm water, a gentle cleanser and a baby washcloth. Pat, don’t rub your skin dry.
3. Cover your pillow with a clean pillowcase or hand towel every night.
4. Apply a retinoid cream or lotion, which can clear your skin and lessen wrinkles. For spot treatment, try a product containing sulfur. Products containing benzoyl peroxide are good for occasional breakouts but can be too drying for long-term use.
5. Replace cosmetics older than 6 months, as bacteria buildup can contribute to breakouts. Look for the phrases “noncomedogenic” (doesn’t clog pores), “non-acnegenic” (doesn’t cause breakouts) and “salicylic acid” (fights acne) on the label.
6. Ask your doc about birth control pills, antibiotics, prescription retinoids or isotretinoin. Be sure to tell your physician if you are or plan to become pregnant.
7. Try a high-tech solution. Light therapy and vacuum therapy can be expensive but effective.
8. Don’t pop pimples. Seriously, just don’t.

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