Show Your Feet Some Love with These Pedicure Tips & Tricks


Looking for that salon-quality pedicure, from home? We’ve got you covered. Taking matters into your own hands and doing your own pedicure at home can help save time and money (and can also be incredibly therapeutic if you ask us!). And with the right tips, it can be just as successful and relaxing as a trip to the salon. So, we’re here to help you put your best foot forward with these tips and tricks to help you master the perfect DIY pedicure.

1. Make Sure Your Nails are Completely Dry

Of course, all pedicures should start with a good soak to soften dry skin and cuticles, but make sure you’re allowing enough time between that step and the polishing part of the pedi. When water seeps into the nail bed, it expands. So, if you apply the polish and your nail is still too wet, the polish is more prone to chip and won’t last as long.

2. Make it a Nighttime Activity

Putting on socks or shoes (or really even just walking around) too soon after you apply polish to your nails can be a recipe for disaster (i.e., smudges and smears). Pedis can be an excellent source of self-care, so we recommend doing at-home pedicures in the early evening or while you’re winding down before bed. It’ll help relax you and clear your head before hitting the hay.

3. Always Start with the Big Toe

Since it has more surface area, the big toe needs extra time to dry prior to applying a second coat. Starting here will allow you enough time for it to start to dry while you paint the other ones. It’ll minimize the risk of it smearing when you go to apply the next coat or the topcoat.

4. Do One Foot at a Time

Trust us, do not rush through a pedi. It takes time and try to multi-task by painting both feet at the same time won’t result in anything good. Rather than alternating between feet, do one coat at a time. You don’t want the polish to get too dry between coats, because that too can lead to streaky application of the polish. So next time, try applying a base coat, two coats of color, and topcoat to one foot prior to moving on to the next one.

5. The Thinner the Layers of Polish, the Better

Thin coats of polish are the key to a successful application of color. A few thin coats are definitely better than one thick one. Your polish brush should be coated, but not drenched. Try wiping it off the inside of the bottle to remove any excess.

6. When in Doubt, Reach for Cuticle Oil

If you do need to dash out after applying polish, slather them in cuticle oil and cover them with a piece of plastic wrap. The cuticle oil will offer a layer of protection between the polish and the plastic wrap, helping you avoid smears and smudges. Even if you believe they are fully dry, this is still a good finishing step that will keep you skin hydrated and moisturized.

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