5 Tips to make Heels More Comfortable


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On more than one occasion we’ve all prioritized fashion over function. We’ve all heard the saying “beauty is pain” but what if it didn’t have to be? Wearing heels that wreck your toes, heels, and ankles, instantly ~kill the vibe~ so, we’ve gathered up our top 5 tips and trick to make your heels feel more comfortable (or at least bearable for those insta pics!)

1. Tape Your Toes

It may sound strange but we couldn’t believe it until we tried it for ourselves! Try taping your third and fourth toes together (yes, counting from the big toe) to combat any pain you may get from heels! There’s a nerve that sits between those toes which can cause the most pain for individuals while wearing heels. By taping them together, it relieves some of the pressure. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

2. Stretch Them Out & Break Them In. Period. 

One of the golden rules of heels is always take the time to break them in. Depending on the material, it can be super helpful to stretch them out. Not sure how to do it without compromising the shoe itself? Try this: fill a Ziplock bag halfway with water and place the bag inside your shoe. Put the shoe in the freezer overnight and you should be good to go come morning. The water freezes and expands in the shoe giving you just enough room to feel a tad comfier for those late days in the office or early hours of dancing.

3. Learn to Walk Differently

Walking in heels is a science and an art. Looking to harness your best Giselle Bündchen runway walk? Try engaging your abs and walk heel-to-toe for a smooth, effortless stride. Check out this step-by-step video to show you show to properly walk in heels.

4. Consider a Chunkier Heel

I know we all want to embrace the stiletto, but hey, no shame if they just aren’t for you! The beauty of heels is that they come in all shapes and sizes. So, instead of sporting thinner heels at all times, consider breaking out a chunkier heel to allow your weight to be more evenly distributed. One major plus – chunky heels are in for summer 2022.

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5. Use Inserts

Adding inserts or gel linings to your heels is one of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest ways to ensure your feet are not on fire after a couple hours. Try adding moleskin or gel inserts to areas that are more prone to blisters, like the back of the heel, to help prevent any unnecessary friction.

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