10 Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life


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It’s no surprise to anyone that shopping around the holidays can be overwhelming. Long lists of people to buy for and long lines everywhere you look. But don’t worry – if a fitness enthusiast is on your list, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone who spends all their time in the gym or talking about the gym, or someone who is just getting started on the fitness journey, we have something for you. Our carefully curated list covers all kinds of gear, accessories, and supplements – perfect for any fitness fanatic in your life.

1. lululemon, Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm, $138 $79

Shopping for a yogi? This yoga mat from lululemon has innovative 3D-texture that will help them feel their way around the mat and stay centered in poses without looking down.

2. MyProtein, Multi-Use 11 Piece Resistance Band Set, $64

Has the fitness lover in your life been wanting to do more home workouts but doesn’t have the equipment? This 11 piece resistance band set from MyProtein is the perfect gift to help them ace all their home workouts.

3. MyProtein, MYPRO Suede Lifting Straps, $20

Help them, help themselves with lifting straps. These suede lifting straps from MyProtein will protect their hands with a high-quality grip to help them increase their performance at the gym. Trust us – they’ll be thanking you for months.

4. Bloomingdale’s, Fitbit Versa 2, $199.95

Giving a Fitbit, is giving the opportunity for your fitness lover to track their workouts, heart rate, sleep, reach new goals and all the other benefits of a smart watch.

5. Bloomingdale’s, 8Greens 8G Cookbook, $20

They say 6-packs are made in the kitchen, making food important to fitness lovers. It’s likely the fitness enthusiast in your life is passionate about what they eat, so help them get the most out of their food with a new cook book.

6. lululemon, Go Getter Bag 2.0 25L, $158

Is the fitness enthusiast in your life always on the go? Then a quality duffle bag will serve them well. This pick from lululemon is designed exactly with them in mind.

7. lululemon, Back to Life Sport Bottle 64oz, $72

We have a funny feeling whomever your buying for wouldn’t mind adding another bottle to their collection. If we know fitness lovers, we know the love for hydration. This 64oz bottle is sure to quench their thirst all day long.

8. MyProtein, Muscle Roller, $36

Level up recovery time and help them prevent injuries with a foam roller. A roller will give them deep tissue relaxation right in your home or in the gym.

9. MyProtein, Protein Wafer, $34

Help them reach their protein goals with this sweet treat. The wafers contain a high-protein filling of milk and whey protein for the perfect sweet treat for any time of day.

10. OLLY, Adult Multi + Probiotic Vitamins, $19

How can we keep fit if we aren’t healthy? There’s often lots of germs floating around gyms with people coming and going and to keep reaching for their goals they need to ensure they are in good health, and this multi + probiotic vitamin can help!

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