Mindful Movement: Our Fav Yoga and Meditation Videos for Earth Day


As we celebrate Earth Day today (April 22nd), there’s no better time to reconnect with our planet and prioritize mindful movement that not only nurtures our bodies but also fosters a deep sense of connection to the Earth. In this fast-paced world, where stress and distractions often take center stage, incorporating yoga and meditation into our daily routine becomes a powerful tool for grounding and centering ourselves. From energizing yoga flows to serene meditation sessions, these videos are carefully selected to guide you on a journey of self-discovery while fostering a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness between our well-being and the health of our planet. Let’s celebrate Earth Day by embracing mindful practices that not only benefit us individually but contribute to the greater harmony of our shared home.

1. Grounding Yoga Practice via Yoga With Adriene

Work with international yoga teacher, Adriene Mishler in this 20-minute grounding yoga practice to help you stabilize your energy and connect to earth and the world around you.

2. 25 Min Earth Element Yoga via Yoga with Kassandra

Canada-based yoga instructor Kassandra walks you through a 25-minute earth-element yoga flow through grounding and balancing poses. Focusing on the lower body, this is perfect for beginners to intermediate yogis who are short on time!

3. Earth Day Meditation with Mariana Fernández via Peloton

Join Peleton yoga and meditation instructor Mariana Fernández in El Yunque Forest in Puerto Rico.

4. 15-Minute Guided Meditation | Strength & Grounding in Stressful Times via Boho Beautiful Yoga

This 15-minute guided meditation is great for helping you relieve anxiety and stress during uncertain times in your life. Lead by Boho Beautiful Life, this calming guided practice will help you reconnect with the earth and your surroundings.

5. Grounding Earth Day Yoga via Black Yogi Nico Marie

Practice gratitude and connection to Mother Earth in this 20-minute grounding Earth Day yoga with Nico Marie.

6. Earth Day Yoga Sequence: A 30-Minute Practice for Grounding and Centering via Di Hickman

Ideal for grounding and centering your relationship with mother nature, this 30-minute practice includes poses like warrior 2 and tree – perfect for celebrating Earth Day.

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