Healthy Drinks: Matcha Powder Edition


Need a quick health boost? Try something new and energize your afternoon by adding a little matcha to your life.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a popular, powdered form of traditional green tea derived from hand-picked and finely-ground tea leaves that were ripened in the shade. It’s a bright, olive-colored powder that gets whisked into a milk-like texture. With a light taste that can be sweetened to desire, it’s served in many forms, hot or cold, and added into a variety of healthy drinks.

Where is matcha from?

Matcha powder is a type of tea that has been around for centuries, revered by monks for its natural medicinal qualities. Throughout Asia, the health benefits to matcha powder have been highly regarded and incorporated into various cultures and traditions. Matcha powder’s ability to mend, defend, and enhance the body’s chemistry has made it a strong partner in the quest for natural healing solutions. Over the years, matcha powder has increased in popularity worldwide as more and more people discover its rejuvenating health qualities. Matcha powder comes in various purities and forms, all of which provide very important health benefits.

Why matcha?

By adding a little matcha powder to your day you’ll be doing your taste buds and your body a favor. Here are 5 reasons why you should add matcha powder to your life:

1 – Matcha benefits everyone

Whether you’re looking to focus better, boost your energy, or strengthen your immunity – your body can always use a little extra support. Often referred to as an elixir, matcha’s natural healing properties are a perfect addition to all of your healthy drinks and snacks.

2 – Matcha helps you lose weight

Matcha’s positive metabolic effects prove great for lowering cholesterol, aiding digestion, and burning calories. Because of this, it’s a sure-fire way to jump-start your metabolism and help you with your weight-loss goals.

3 – Matcha tastes delicious

There’s a reason why it’s added to so many foods; matcha’s velvety texture compliments a lot of different flavours. It’s a great curb-your-cravings treat when you’re focused on weight-maintenance, and it’s a healthy alternative to a high-sugar drink. It’s also a tasty alternative from the plain tea or coffee drinks.

4 – Matcha helps you concentrate

Unlike traditional tea or coffee which relies mainly on caffeine to stimulate your neurotransmitters, matcha powder has a unique amino acid present that naturally enhances your brain’s state of mental-alertness. This makes it a healthy drink of choice before important business meetings, school exams, or any other engagement that requires a high-degree of sharpness.

5 – Matcha detoxifies

Chlorophyll is a substance acclaimed for its profound healing effects on the human body, and because matcha powder is derived from a green-leafed plant, one of its strongest health benefits is that it contains chlorophyll. Digesting chlorophyll promotes healing and helps to deodorize body odours, balance hormones, and cleanse the blood. When you eat or drink matcha powder, you are also getting the health benefits of chlorophyll, putting your body into an overall positive state of health and well-being.

There are so many health benefits to matcha powder. Next time you’re reaching for a tea or a snack, do your body a favour and make sure it has matcha in it!

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