Tired of flank steak and chicken? Use this quick reference guide to identify and incorporate some new items to your weekly menu to keep variety and excitement in your protein rich diet. Stay on track, meet your goals and enjoy it in the process. Here is our list of top 10 protein rich foods .


#1: Turkey Breast and Chicken Breast

Protein in 100g half-breast (306g)

Chicken: Chicken Breast (58g) provides 17g protein. Chicken Leg (69g) provides 18g protein. Chicken Thigh (37g) provides 9g protein.


#2: Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Halibut)

Protein in 100g 3oz Fillet (85g)

More about fish high in protein per fillet(3oz or 85g): Tuna (22g), Salmon (22g), Halibut (22g), Snapper (22g), Perch(21g), Flounder and Sole (21g), Cod (20g), Tilapia (17g).



#3: Cheese (Cottage Cheese and Low-fat Mozzarella)

Protein in 100g 1oz Slice (28g)

More about cheese high in protein per ounce (28g): Low-fat Cottage Cheese (5g), Low-fat Swiss Cheese (8g), Low-fat Cheddar (6g), Parmesan (10g), Romano (9g). *Low fat Mozzarella and Cottage cheese provide the most protein per calorie.


#4: Pork Loin (Chops)

Protein in 100g 1 Chop (134g)

Sirloin Roast 3oz (28g) provides 23g of protein, Ham 3oz (28g) provides 18g of protein,


#5: Lean Beef and Veal

Protein in 100g 3oz Slice (85g)

1 Piece of Beef Jerky (20g) provides 7g of protein.


#6: Tofu

Protein in 100g 3oz Slice (85g)


#7: Beans (Soy Beans)

Protein in 100g 1 cup (172g)

More about beans high in protein per cup cooked: Kidney Beans (17g), White Beans (17g), Lima Beans (15g), Fava Beans (14g), Black Beans (15g), Mung Beans (14g).



#8: Eggs

Protein in 100g 1 Large Egg (50g)

1 Egg White (33g) provides 4g protein, 1g protein to 4.4 calories.


#9: Yogurt, Milk, and Soymilk

Protein in 100g 1 cup (245g)

1 cup skim milk (245g) provides 8g protein, 1 cup soymilk (243g) provides 8g protein.


#10: Nuts and Seeds (Pumpkin, Squash, and Watermelon Seeds, Peanuts, Almonds)

Protein in 100g 1 Ounce (28g)

More about nuts and seeds high in protein (grams protein per ounce (28g)): Peanuts (7g), Almonds (6g), Pistachios (6g), Sunflower Seeds (6g), Flaxseed (5g), Mixed Nuts (4g).