If your cars headlights are in need of cleaning , there is no need to use expensive specialized detergents for a quick do -it-yourself solution that will get the job done and requires nothing more than toothpaste, water a sponge, some car soap and paper towel:
1. Prep the surface : Use a touch of car soap and a bucket of water to wash as much dirt as possible. It is important to note that soap and water will not remove oxidation
2. Squeeze toothpaste onto a dry cloth or paper towel
3 Lather : Next, wipe the headlights with toothpaste insuring to cover the entire surface in need of cleaning.
4 Rinse: Once the headlights are covered with toothpaste , clean it with a sponge and warm water.
5 Repeat : repeat this process until you have achieved the desired result

Its that simple, give it a try and I’m sure you will be surprised at just how well it works.