You have to admit, you look pretty sharp in that suit. Unfortunately, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a coat can make anyone start to sweat. Here are some tips for beating the heat, before you start showing rings under your armpits and down you back.

1. Drink Water, a Lot of It

While it may seem counter intuitive, keeping yourself well hydrated can help you stay cool. When you do sweat, the water will help your body dilute body odors so you won’t smell as bad. While you’re at it, skip the cocktail at lunch. Both alcohol and caffeinated drinks can increase your sweat output.

2. Shirt the Issue

While it won’t stop you from sweating, wearing a cotton undershirt can absorb some of the moisture and help keep your dress shirt and suit coat dryer. Starching your shirt can also help because it prevents the top from sticking to you. If you won’t be removing your suit coat, wear short sleeves to keep your arms a bit cooler. The best option may be to start fresh; if you know you will have a meeting later in the day, bring along an extra shirt to change into.

3. Loosen Up

If you can, loosen your tie and open your shirt collar to let some of the heat escape. If you are going to be doing some walking, remove your jacket and carry it folded over your arm.