Baking Soda Cleaning Tips!


It’s all natural, it’s cheap, and you can do so much with it: Cleaning, Baking, Deodorizer! Check out this video by Clean My Space to learn about 10 Cleaning Uses for Baking Soda.


DIY Slip and Slide Kickball!


It’s the first day of Summer – time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with a recreational game of Kickball with your friends (aka: Soccer Baseball)! Typically, it’s played on a baseball field, but the NothingTo DoCrew found a way increase summer fun by adding slip and slides!

You will need:

The video explains how to get all of the items on a budget, how to set up the game, and even give a tutorial on the rules and how to play.

Check out this video from the NothingTo DoCrew on how to build and play Slip & Slide Kickball!

Keep Clothes from Falling Off the Hanger


Alejandra has great ideas on organization, and this hanger trick is just one of them! No need to run out and buy all new hangers, just get a cheap pack of elastic bands and you’re all set! Watch her video to see how and why she does it!

Easy Make-up Contouring 101


Does the act of make-up contouring freak you out a bit? Katerina Williams gives an easy step-by-step video on how to effortlessly contour your makeup for a flawless finish!

A few items you will need:

  • Foundation & brush (or blending sponge)
  • Concealer & concealer brush (or blending sponge)
  • Setting powder & setting brush
  • Translucent powder & powder brush
  • Contouring powder & contouring brush
  • Blush & blush brush
  • Highlighter & highlighter brush

Some of the brushes can be used for multiple steps you don’t own them all. Also, even if you don’t have the setting powder or highlighter, you can still achieve a pretty flawless look using Katerina’s techniques.

Remove Paint Scuffs from Your Car


There’s nothing worse than coming out of a store, only to find out that someone brushed by your car and left evidence of the fender bender that occurred via paint scuffs (most likely, in a completely opposite color than your vehicle). ChrisFix has a great video on how to remove the paint scuff yourself using a few products you may already have around the house:

For smaller/surface-level paint transfers:


For larger/deeper paint transfers:

  • WD-40
  • Magic Eraser
  • Soapy Water and Microfibre towel
  • Clay Bar (optional)
  • Car Wax (to add a protective layer once you’re all done)
  • Touch up paint (if the paint transfer is deep into the paint layers)

Watch ChrisFix’s video to see how it’s done!

Improve Your Ponytail with a Few Easy Tricks!


We’ve all had mornings like this: The dog pees on the carpet while you’re making breakfast, your boyfriend beats you to the shower, your eyeshadow shatters onto the floor while you’re getting ready. The ponytail has always been an easy fix for those mornings where you just don’t have time to do your hair – but it doesn’t have to ‘look’ like you didn’t have time! Perfect the classic look in 5 minutes or less with these tips from Kayley Melissa:

  1. Create two ponytails – one smaller ponytail for the lower half of your head to prevent the ponytail from sagging underneath.
  2. Place small claw clips at the base of the ponytail to add height to the actual ‘tail’ part
  3. Use her DIY elastic with bobbypins to keep the style as is, while you secure it into place
  4. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and secure with a bobbypin to give it a finished look

And that’s it! A polished ponytail-  even on those days where nothing seems to go your way.

How to Puppy Proof your Home


Expecting a new puppy? Here’s a great video from on how to prepare and puppy proof your home.

A few key points to remember:

1. Keep closet doors closed to keep puppy away from shoes, shoe laces, clothes and especially socks (swallowing shoe laces and socks can block the digestive tract and be fatal!). As a backup, spray your favorite shoes with an anti-chew spray to prevent them from wanting to have a nibble if they do come across them.

2. Keep electrical cords up and off the floor if possible. If not, wrap them with cord protectors or spray them with an anti-chew spray.

3. Keep your house tidy and ensure small items are picked up and put away. Now would be the time to give your home a minimalist look – if you’re used to seeing bare surfaces, it will encourage you to pick up after yourself when things are out of place.

4. Keep a lid on your garbage can, or tuck it underneath the sink and out of sight.

5. Keep cleaning products and bathroom products stored away. Get in the habit of keeping the bathroom door closed when not in use or if you’re out of the house.

6. Look into the types of plants or flowers you have around the house and in your garden – are they doggy friendly? You can find a list of pet friendly plants and flowers online.

7. Confine your puppy to a room or a section of the house using a baby gate when you’re not watching him. This will prevent him from getting into things that he shouldn’t.

8. Get into the habit of putting down the toilet seat lid when not in use or if you plan to keep the bathroom door open, to prevent the little one from accidentally falling in.

9. Keep your dog in a crate when you’re not at home to keep him safe (but only if leaving for a few hours). If you’re not using a crate, or plan to be gone for a longer period of time, section off a safe area for him to be in and give him a cozy bed to sleep in.

10. At Christmas time, place tree ornaments on the higher branches to prevent puppy from thinking they’re a new toy and ingesting them. Also, place a barrier around your fireplace to prevent puppy from getting too close.

11. Let your puppy wander around the house while you keep an eye on him. See what types of things he finds around the house, and what he likes to get into – this will give you an idea of the things you need to look out for (possibly things you never even thought of!).

Keep these tips in mind when prepping your home and you’ll be all set when the little fur-ball arrives!

MyFitnessPal Shares Why Cheat Days are not Necessarily Good…


You’ve committed to eating healthy. You want to look and feel great, and you’ve stuck to your diet an entire week already. You feel good about how you’ve done and think you deserve a gold star… or that cupcake that’s calling your name (especially the one with the extra layer of frosting on top). Maybe you even think you deserve a day off—a designated “cheat day.”

But are “cheat days” a good idea? Do these special days of indulgence help you reach your health goals? Or do they set you up on a seesaw of destructive eating habits?

The Argument for Cheat Days: Rewarding Yourself

Some say that giving yourself days of indulgence is giving yourself a needed break from your diet. These cheat days are a relief valve that help you stick to healthier foods.

The philosophy behind this basically goes something like this: Healthy eating requires some willpower—willpower you’ve used to keep yourself from forbidden foods—so to reward your constraint, it helps to have one scheduled day (or meal) per week where you’re allowed to eat some of the treats you’ve been avoiding. When you give yourself a window to enjoy these off-limit foods, it’ll satisfy your cravings, replenish your depleted willpower, and, some studies suggest, even increase your production of the hunger-dampening hormone leptin while boosting metabolism.

Getting Rid of the Camel Toe problem with ‘Camel Toe’ Underwear

Image privded by

Let’s talk about camel toes now and hopefully we won’t have to have this discussion again in the near future.  For those of you who don’t know what a ‘camel toe’ is let me explain with the help from

Camel toe

noun, Slang.
the outline of a vulva as sometimes seen when a woman is wearing tight pants.

Seamless Thread creator (and brilliant mind), Maggie Han, recently designed a line of underwear that promises to prevent camel toe.  These camel toe-proof undies have been cleverly named “Camel No,” and are available in full underwear and thongs.

camel no

Fortunately for vaginas (and eyeballs) everywhere, the uncomfortable, unsightly problem may finally have met its match with Camel No underwear.

Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Lost a Good Friend…

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 05: Actors Blake Lively (L) and Ryan Reynolds attend the "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Talk about trust issues!

Ryan Reynolds covers the October issue of GQ magazine, where he reveals how fatherhood has changed him.

The sexy star and wife Blake Lively welcomed their first child together, daughter James, back in January.

While the cute couple have yet to share a full picture of their baby girl, Ryan says one of his friends of nearly 25 years went behind his back to try to sell pictures of their daughter to the highest  bidder.

“It was like a death. It was like one of those devastating things to find out,” he tells the mag about the experience.

“It was like so kind of shocking. There isn’t really a conversation to have,” he continues. “It’s just, ‘Oh, well, now I’m never going to see you or talk to you again, unfortunately.'”


While the 38-year-old says he had to part ways with his pal after the betrayal, he is loving every second of fatherhood.

“I’ve learned that an inordinate amount of clichés are completely true,” Reynolds explains. “Like, there is this kid here that I would walk through fire for. Or maybe not fire. Like, a very hot pavement, I’d walk through. A shag rug.”

Reynolds also says he’s become much more even-tempered since having a child.

“I’m surprised how patient I am with it,” he confesses. “I feel like I could sometimes have a bit of a short fuse, but there’s just been this weirdly endless supply of patience. I have no problem waking up five times in the middle of the night and changing diapers, and as exhausted as you get, I have this stupid grin on my face all the time. And that’s not because I have a nanny or something like that. It’s just us right now, and I love it.”

We can’t wait to see Ryan back on the big screen as Wade Wilson when “Deadpool” hits theaters February 2016!

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