New Product Offers Wireless Christmas Lightsvideo

New Product Offers Wireless Christmas Lights

A project on Kickstarter aims to solve the problem of tangled holiday lights. The Aura wirelessly powered Christmas lights are controlled by a smartphone.

New “half-bike” could be next urban Hipster hit

In a busy city or when taking public transport, an ordinary bike can take up quite a bit of space. So Berlin-based inventor Felix Kruschardt has...

10 Worst Internet Trolls

Lurking on the corners of the Internet, seeking to offend and threaten as many people as they can, trolls are known as the villains of the online...

What does an ‘internet minute’ look like for the world?

Every minute of 2016, people around the world are online using apps, sending messages and emailing, and the numbers are incredible.

What Is Kik Messenger?

Demystifying the ways your kids use social media.

Microsoft In Numbers

It’s made $93.5 billion in sales, is the 2nd biggest brand in the world, and has created an estimated 10,000 millionaires ...This is Microsoft in Numbers.

Microsoft designs smart mosquito trap to track Zika

Researchers are testing a smart mosquito trap they hope will help better track the spread of the Zika virus. The device is designed to trap specific types...

Japanese “Instagram For Clothes” App Will Launch In U.S.

Dirk Standen addressed a crowd at Waverly Inn on Tuesday night at a dinner to celebrate and promote the Japanese app, "Wear." Standen acted as an ambassador...

Shanghai’s TechCrunch showcases vast range of new products

Shanghai has hosted the TechCrunch fair, which gathers hi-tech developers, engineers and designers. The Chinese event is an opportunity to look at the future of...

Drone Grand Prix

On March 11th 2016 there was an International Drone Race Tournament held in Dubai, with a prize of a quarter of a million dollars for the winner....
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