History’s Most-Recorded Christmas Songsvideo

History’s Most-Recorded Christmas Songs

There may not be many new Christmas songs, but when it comes various renditions of the classics, the offerings seem to be endless.
Christmas Lights - How It All Startedvideo

Christmas Lights – How It All Started

Learn about the history of Christmas lights.
World's Most Expensive Christmas Wreath Retailing for $4.6 Millionvideo

World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath Retailing for $4.6 Million

Offered by the website, VeryFirstTo.com, it’s considered the most expensive festive wreath in the world.
Top 7 Fun Facts About Turkeysvideo

Top 7 Fun Facts About Turkeys

Learn 7 top facts about turkeys.
What do astronauts eat for Thanksgiving in space?video

What Do Astronauts Eat for Thanksgiving in Space?

Recently astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins spoke about being in space this Thanksgiving. They also made known their plans for the holiday dinner.

Chinese man performs balancing tricks at construction site

A cool video has emerged from China of a man balancing on a board placed on cylinders in a construction site. The footage, filmed in Yancheng,...

Halloween: Meet the world’s creepiest grandparents

The Lee's are no ordinary grandparents. Their house in Manchester, northern England, is transformed every Halloween into a house of horrors, attracting locals from all over the...

Dogs Who “Love” Halloween Costumes

Every pet owner loves dressing up their furry friends in fun costumes for Halloween. We found the 23 best outfits you could have your dog wear for...

Sea kayakers rescue turtle in distress

Footage of kayakers rescuing a turtle in distress off the coast of Gran Canaria, Spain. The video, filmed late last year, shows the turtle struggling with a...

Baby sees his mother clearly for the first time after getting glasses

Heartwarming footage has emerged from the US of a baby seeing his mum clearly for the first time after getting a pair of glasses. The video, filmed...
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